WHO worried COVID-19 'amnesia' will lead to another pandemic

WHO worried COVID-19 ‘amnesia’ will lead to another pandemic

GENEVA: The World Health Organization`s (WHO) prime emergency knowledgeable stated on Monday that the world risked future pandemics if it suffered “amnesia” and didn’t be taught from the present coronavirus disaster.

“I have seen the amnesia that seems to descend upon the world after a traumatic event, and that`s understandable,” Mike Ryan advised a briefing in Geneva.

“But if we do this again like we did after SARS, like we did after H5N1, like we did after H1N1 pandemic, if we continue to ignore the realities of what emerging and dangerous pathogens can do to our civilization, then we are likely to experience the same or worse again within our lifetimes,” he stated.

Ryan additionally took a swipe at developed nations, saying that northern nations had been working healthcare programs “like low-cost airlines” and that the world was paying for that now.

“In the north, because of the cost model for health systems, we have designed our health systems to be delivered at 95%, 98%, at 100% efficiency. It`s almost like a low-cost airline model for health service delivery,” he stated.

“Well, we`re paying a price for that now, not having that extra-surge capacity built into the system — seeing health as a cost centre in our economy, seeing health as a drain on development, as dragging back the economy, and we need to re-address what that means.”

WHO Director-General Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus additionally urged nations to not politicize the hunt for the origins of the brand new coronavirus, saying that will solely create boundaries to studying the reality.

“We need to know the origin of this virus because it can help us to prevent future outbreaks,” Tedros stated.

“There is nothing to hide. We want to know the origin, and that`s it.”

U.S. President Donald Trump`s administration, which has accused China of hiding the extent of the outbreak and the Geneva-based world well being physique of being too near Beijing, has criticised the phrases of a WHO-led worldwide investigation into the origin of the pandemic.

Chinese state media have stated the virus existed overseas earlier than it was found within the central Chinese metropolis of Wuhan, citing the presence of coronavirus on imported frozen meals packaging and scientific papers saying it had been circulating in Europe final 12 months.