Pfizer prepares for COVID-19 vaccine rollout, biggest vaccination effort in US history

Pfizer prepares for COVID-19 vaccine rollout, biggest vaccination effort in US history

New Delhi: The first vehicles carrying Pfizer’s COVID-19 vaccines pulled out of a Michigan manufacturing facility Sunday (December 13).

Shipments of the Pfizer vaccine will set in movement the most important vaccination effort within the historical past of the United States of America.

The shipments from the manufacturing facility to its last vacation spot will likely be delivered below the safety of US marshals.

“We have spent months strategizing with Operation Warp Speed officials and our healthcare customers on efficient vaccine logistics, and the time has arrived to put the plan into action,” Wes Wheeler, president of UPS Healthcare, instructed Reuters on Saturday (December 12).

The US FDA licensed Pfizer`s Covid-19 vaccine for emergency use on Friday (December 11) for the prevention of coronavirus illness in people 16 years of age and older.

A day after the US Food and Drug Administration (USFDA) granted an emergency use authorization to Pfizer-BioNTech COVID-19 vaccine, President Donald Trump on Saturday (December 12) stated that the US will begin rolling out the vaccine “in less than 24 hours.”President Trump additionally asserted that he had “made sure that this vaccine would be free to all Americans.”

“The FDA`s authorization for emergency use of the first COVID-19 vaccine is a significant milestone in battling this devastating pandemic that has affected so many families in the United States and around the world,” stated FDA Commissioner Stephen M. Hahn, MD.

“This action follows an open and transparent review process that included input from independent scientific and public health experts and a thorough evaluation by the agency`s career scientists to ensure this vaccine met FDA`s rigorous, scientific standards for safety, effectiveness, and manufacturing quality needed to support emergency use authorization”, he added.

The pandemic has killed 3,01,278 and contaminated 1,62,22,405 within the nation.