Excessive sugar consumption linked with unhealthy fat deposits around heart, abdomen

Excessive sugar consumption linked with unhealthy fat deposits around heart, abdomen

Sophia Antipolis: Sugar consumption is linked with bigger fats deposits across the coronary heart and within the stomach, that are dangerous for well being, finds a brand new research. The research was printed within the European Journal of Preventive Cardiology, a journal of the European Society of Cardiology.

“When we consume too much sugar the excess is converted to fat and stored,” stated research creator Ms. So Yun Yi, a PhD scholar on the University of Minnesota School of Public Health.” This fat tissue located around the heart and in the abdomen releases chemicals into the body which can be harmful to health. Our results support limiting added sugar intake,” added Yi.

Excess sugar consumption is a worldwide drawback. The six nations with the best gross sales of sugary drinks per capita are Chile, Mexico, Argentina, Peru, the US, and Saudi Arabia. The demand for sugar is anticipated to extend in Asia, Africa, and Russia.

This observational research examined each sugar-sweetened drinks (equivalent to delicate drinks, fruit drinks, vitality drinks) and sugar added to meals and drinks for sweetness (for instance when cooking or in processed meals). 

The researchers analysed the affiliation between long-term sugar consumption and fats shops across the coronary heart and different organs.

Data have been obtained from Coronary Artery Risk Development in Young Adults (CARDIA), an ongoing cohort research within the US that features centres in Alabama, California, Illinois, and Minnesota. 

A complete of three,070 wholesome members aged 18 to 30 have been included on this research.Food and beverage intakes have been measured thrice over a 20-year interval (1985 to 2005). After 25 years (in 2010) computed tomography (CT) scans of the chest and stomach have been carried out to measure fats volumes within the stomach and across the coronary heart.

Researchers discovered that sugar consumption over the 20-year interval was associated to fats volumes later in life. Higher intakes of each sugar-sweetened drinks and added sugar have been associated to larger fats shops round organs in a stepwise vogue.

“Our findings provide more evidence that consuming too much added sugar and sugary drinks is related to a higher amount of fat tissue. And, we know that fat deposits are connected with higher risks of heart disease and diabetes,” stated research creator Dr. Lyn Steffen of the University of Minnesota School of Public Health. 

She suggested lowering the quantity of added sugar consumed every day.”Have water instead of sugary drinks and choose healthier snacks over foods rich in added sugar like cakes,” she stated. 

“Read food labels to check the amount of added sugar in what you are buying. Look for ingredients like syrups, glucose, fructose, sucrose, and maltose. Being more aware of hidden sugar will help you cut back.”

“On top of our individual efforts, governments, food manufacturers, restaurants, schools, and workplaces have a role to play in increasing consumer awareness of the sugar content in foods and beverages and offering healthier alternatives,” added Dr Steffen.